What Children Expect from Parents?

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It is very common discussion among parents about their expectations from children, irrespective of their age group.

Reasons for expectations might vary and could be way different among parents. But do parents any time think about what children expect from them?

Very few parents would be thinking so.

What parents think and what children expect

1. I don’t have time

Today everything has become so fast and everyone is busy. Meeting the daily needs of life has become a challenge for most of us.

We spend almost entire day doing routine and mechanical activities like Wake Up, Breakfast, Ready for Office, Traffic Jam, Office work, at evening way back to home, Traffic Jam, Dinner, Sleep ….. Morning alarm again ……………

In all this routine it is obvious for any parent to say that I don’t have time and we fail to play a role of Parent.

What children expect?

Parent should decide the priorities and compromise career aspirations over upbringing children, or if one of the parents can stay back at home and spend quality time with children that helps in filling the gap.

Spending time is not enforcing the things which parent want children to do, but to understand their area of interest and encourage them accordingly.

2. I care my children

Each one of us wants to protect our child, and in this process many parents become over caring and over protecting, they attach their ego with care; and it becomes absolute disaster for child’s overall growth.

In the process of caring many parent don’t allow their children to perform activities which they want to, as they think it will hurt them. Some parents force their children to perform some activities forcefully as they think it will benefit them.

Both of these acts are just out of caring, but both of them are harmful for child’s growth.

What children expect?

There is a thin line between a caring and becoming a hurdle for child’s growth. Parents should identify the strengths and weaknesses of children and accordingly guide us with our own interest.

Children should not made feel like being kept in golden cage.

3. Being social is important

Spending more time on social media has become priority over spending time with children.

We spend most of our time on smartphones, living with virtual friends on social media, and we forget to talk with our own children and spending time with them.

We don’t care to talk to our neighbors, not even let our children talk to our neighbors, but we have many unknown and fake friends across globe on Facebook with whom you like to spend time.

What children expect?

It is recommended by many psychologists and educationists to keep children away from social media.  Parents should inculcate values of respecting people around us by providing complete attention.

Parents should inculcate values of sharing things and talking not only with friends and neighbors but also with less privileged people around us.

Children learn far more by observing parents than taught forcefully.

4. I know it all

Being parent we are elder to our children, we have more experience of life and hence we tend to think that whatever I say or our experience about particular subject is always correct and my child need to learn from me.

We always think as we have more experience of life, children should listen to us; but we need to realize that current generation is much smarter and quick learner that our old generations.

What children expect?

There are many things which parents would not be aware of, but children are, hence parents should give away ‘I know it all’ attitude.

5. I am giving all luxury

We as a parent want to provide all the luxury to our children; almost all parents strive to provide better living condition to children.

But few parents link it to expectations; they expect children do as they say because they are giving them all the comfort.


What children expect?

No child expects luxury since childhood; many parents spoil children by providing unnecessary stuff since childhood to avoid spending more time with them, so that they can focus on their work.

As children grow they get used to such unnecessary luxury, which can spoil children. Children want more quality time with parents than luxury.

6. My child Should fulfill all my dreams

Having an unfulfilled dream in life is not so uncommon, but expecting to get it fulfilled by children is equally common expectations among parents.

Many parents push their children to achieve their unfulfilled dreams, even without understanding their area of interest, just because they think that their dream would be best for children.

What children expects?

There is nothing wrong in expecting children to accomplish parent’s unfulfilled dream, but it is very important to check the area of interest of child as well, else no one can stop that child from failing in life. children have their own dreams too.

7. My Child is difficult

Many parents today have a complaint that my child is difficult.  When these children are taken to doctors and they are labeled as ADHD, Autism, a highly sensitive nature, oppositional defiant disorder, a learning disability, a mood disorder.

What children expect?

Making me a source of problem can be good for clarity and anxiety relief. However, more than diagnosis it is important to customize a remedy for each child.

These so called difficult children can become super success later in life.

Following are few examples of such successful people who were tagged as difficult children in their childhood. and were rejected by teachers or family members.  ADHD Success Stories   Autism Success Stories



>> Health and Parenting

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