Ways to deal with Criticism

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Many including younger, elder, children, men and women find it difficult to deal with criticism.

Word “Criticism” is taken in negative sense most of the time.

It is certainly extremely difficult to take criticism, but positive side is you can categorize criticism in two types.

1.  Constructive Criticism
2. Destructive Criticism

Any type of criticism is difficult to accept, but you can manage to deal with each one of it with different strategies and minimize your pain.

It is extremely important that children are taught these techniques in younger age, so that they are benefited out of it to shape their future.

Very first step to deal with criticism is to identify, which type of criticism is it? once you are able to differentiate between constructive and destructive criticism, you can apply techniques to deal with it.

Great work by Indian philosophers, saints and mystics in this area

India has extremely rich heritage in the field of philosophy. Saints and mystics here have put lot of effort understanding the nature and meaning of life.

Saints and mystics like Vyasa, Vivekananda, Kabir, Aurobindo, Ramkrishna are few names who are globally praised for their work.

The best quote related to criticism i remember since my childhood, is the quote of great saint Kabir, it goes as follows in indian (Hindi) language.

“Nindak niyare rakhiye aangan kuti chhawaye; Bin sabun pani bina nirmal karat subhaye.” – Saint Kabit

English meaning of the quote is as follows.

“Keep your critics close-by; give them shelter in your courtyard. They will help you, to keep your nature clean without soap and water”

In short, Kabir says, “critics are our good friends”.

Deal with Constructive Criticism

This type of criticism might be little easier to deal with. If the criticism is meant to be constructive, then you can take it as a lesson and use it to become a more knowledgeable and profound  person.

Constructive criticism is very much necessary for you, and meant to help you. If you manage to take it positively, you will always learn more from constructive criticism than praise.

Each one of us is learning something new every moment, no one is perfect including me and you.  make list of things you want to improve on and work on it religiously.

Start thickening your skin, work on accepting your flaws and learn to hear about areas where you need to improve.

Stop being to much sensitive, stop crying, getting defensive, and feeling upset when you receive helpful feedback.

If you are learning a something new, be prepared to get feedback’s you don’t like, you have accept the limitation of human that you cannot learn anything new without making mistakes, do not bring your emotions in the way of your learning.

Be thankful to the person who is giving you honest feedback, in a friendly and helpful way.

Deal with Destructive Criticism

Destructive criticism is only meant to harm you, this type of criticism is more difficult to accept.

if criticism is destructive, remember that it has nothing to do with who you are,  many times this type of criticism come from the motive of jealousy.

Only sticks and stones can break your bones and not words, so why worry, destructive criticism is just a bunch of words, it can not harm you physically. remember advice from first section, you have to start thickening your skin.

Learn to ignore this type of criticism, without reacting. keep doing whatever good you are doing.

Do not get distracted by destructive criticism, keep doing and keep loving the good things you are doing.

Do not let haters get you down and make you think less worth,  do not allow any one to shake your confidence.

Do you still want to avoid criticism?

Hope now you will welcome criticism, be it destructive or constructive. if you still think of avoiding criticism, then an ancient Greek philosopher and scientist Aristotle has a message for you.

so love doing whatever good you are doing, and make whatever little difference you can make to create world a better place for living…….


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