SQL Azure – Part 3 – Geo Replication

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What is Geo-Replication?

Geo-replication is designed to improve the distribution of data across geographically distributed data networks.  E.g. you have your OLTP SQL Azure database in West India zone, you can configure to copy/replicate database from West India zone to South India zone.

This is intended to improve the response time for web portals, are you can setup geo-replication with active mode too, which enables to read data from secondary copy.

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Create and Use Azure SQL Database – Part 2

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Azure SQL Database is a fully managed, relational database in the Azure cloud as platform-as-a-service offering. Microsoft handles all patching and updating of the SQL server and takes away all management of the underlying infrastructure.

If you want to know more about Azure SQL database please read article Azure SQL – Part 1

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Azure SQL Database – Part 1

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Almost all Software developers who work with Microsoft technologies know SQL Server. Those who know SQL server, for them it will much easier to understand SQL Azure, as they will be able to correlate offerings. Those who don’t know SQL server, no worries!

Let’s see SQL Azure step by step.

If you want to host your database oriented application in cloud, you have two options if you want to use Microsoft SQL database

1. Azure SQL (PaaS) Database
2. SQL Server on Azure VMs (IaaS)

If you want know more about PaaS and SaaS please refer article Cloud Computing for Beginners and Virtual Machine in Azure

What is SQL Azure?

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