Azure Functions – Part 2 – Azure functions + SharePoint + Microsoft Flow

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In previous part we have seen introduction of Azure Functions. Let’s take discussion one step further and see how we can call Azure Functions from SharePoint using Microsoft Flow .

This article, I am splitting in three sections as follows.

  • Create Azure functions
  • Create Microsoft Flow and consume Azure Function in Flow
  • Integrate Flow with SharePoint Online

Lets see each step in detail.

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Microsoft Flow – Part 2 – Integration with SharePoint

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In previous part we have seen, what Flow is and why to use it. Let’s take the discussion further one step and see how we can use Flow with SharePoint.

Most used and standard workflow in SharePoint is approval workflow, in which if new item is added to list or library then mail will be sent to manager for approval.

Let’s try to recreate this workflow using Flow and connect it to SharePoint.

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Microsoft Flow – Part 1

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It is quite evident that Microsoft is shifting its focus of development platform from on-premises to cloud. Microsoft flow is one of the cloud offering, which might act as replacement of SharePoint designer workflow and windows workflow.

What is Microsoft Flow?

Traditionally workflows are used to automate time consuming business tasks and processes across applications and services. Microsoft Flow is similar cloud based offering that makes it practical and simple for LOB users to build workflows.

It enables you to connect onpremises and cloud applications to run complex integration scenarios to enhance business productivity by automating business processes.

You can access flow from

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Boost Web Site with Service Worker – Part 3

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In first two parts we have seen information about Service Worker like why should we use it and how it works. If you have not yet seen first two parts, i suggest you first have a look at them.

Assuming you are well aware of the concepts of Service Worker, lets move ahead with implementation.

Implementation of Service Worker

I have created a small demo site which would help you understand the flow of implementation of service worker.

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