Which Games and Educational Toys are good for ADHD Kids

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Children with ADHD may be hyperactive and unable control their impulses, or they may have trouble paying attention. These behaviors interfere with school and home life. following are some games and activities which might help improve their attention.

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Games and Toys for ADHD Kids


1. Therapy Ball
A study was published in the American Journal of occupational therapy concluding that in students with ADHD, sitting on therapy balls improved behavior and legible word productivity.

Bouncy Ball
Therapy Ball

In other words, students using ball chairs were able to sit still, focus, and write more words clearly.

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Which Type of Games and Educational Toys are beneficial for Autistic Kids

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Most of the autistic children are visual learners, you can play indoor or outdoor games with your child , so your child can enjoy at home or outside.

Focus of the activities should be to make eye-contact, associate words with objects and improve language, stay focused, and strengthen motor skills,  improve numerical skills and learn how to interact with others, how to take turns, and other social skills needed for them.

Also there are some games and toys available in market to make our job easy.


1.  Photo conversation cards
One of the many issues that autistic children have is their impaired communication patterns. More often they have difficulty connecting or relating with the message of the communication.


Photo Conversational Cards
Photo Conversation Cards

Using the Photo Conversation Cards helps children with Autism to be able to focus on a particular topic.

Each photo card comes with a very unique story that focuses on the development of the child’s communication and social relationship skills.

You can then discuss with your kid certain aspects of a particular social situation and help explore the possible actions or even reactions of the individuals who are involved in that particular social situation.

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