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Azure Media Services – Part 1

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Problem Statement

In today’s digital age, all of us have videos, whether they are created or being recorded live and you want to share with the audiences for free or commercial purpose.

But the audiences may be scattered across globe, and also on different devices like laptops, desktop, mobile phones, tablets etc. and platforms like Android, iOS, Windows etc.

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Azure Recovery Services – Part 2 – Site Recovery

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Today businesses are completely dependent on IT, and if any of the systems goes down due to unexpected events, can be natural or artificial, then it creates bit impact on business. Hence most of the companies are investing heavily on Business continuity and Disaster Recovery (BDCR). Going further, corporates want not only data redundancy at application level but also at data centers level.

Microsoft Azure Provides a solution with Azure Site Recovery.

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Azure Recovery Services – Part 1 – Backup

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As most of the organizations are moving towards cloud, they end-up in having some systems on-premises and some in cloud, and challenge is to have a unified solution for backup of data or applications.

Backup solutions are generally expensive affair not only from the perspective of solution license but also the cost of storage and retention.

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