Oracle E-Business Suite – ERP For Beginners – Part 1

Prasad Patkar

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Big businesses which work in the field of Manufacturing, Trading, Information Technology, Chemical, Telecom, Pharmaceutical Industry, Oil & Gas, Construction, Textile, Retail, Governmental Agencies and Financial need to maintain their day-to-day operations.

Operations like Buying, Selling, maintaining Stock or Inventory, getting  Sales Orders, placing Purchase Orders for goods,  maintaining Accounts, keeping stock of Bill of material (BOM) in case of manufacturing units and many more operations or activities.

Oracle Corporation have created huge software known in the category of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) as Oracle Applications or E-Business Suite to help big organizations to track their day to day operations.

Oracle E-Business Suite is a collection of software’s known as modules that are integrated and talk to each other, to support all the needs of businesses to maintain their day to day operations.

Lets understand in detail about oracle applications. to understand about oracle application we should be aware of concept of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is business process management software that allows an organization to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business and automate many back office functions related to technology, services and human resources.

Term has evolved from material requirement planning concept. In today’s world of Total Quality Management and Just In time manufacturing businesses require Enterprise Resource Planning.

Today business can implement large integrated software for most common business practices, which is considered to be backbone for any business.

What is Oracle Applications or E-Business Suite?

It consists of a collection of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Supply Chain Management  (SCM).

The software utilizes Oracle’s core Oracle relational database management system  (RDBMS) technology.

Significant technologies incorporated into the applications include the Oracle database  and related technologies like RDBMS, PL/SQL, Java, .NET, HTML and XML.

The Technology stack used by applications is  Oracle Forms ServerOracle Reports ServerApache Web ServerOracle Discoverer,  Jinitiator  and  Sun‘s  Java.

Oracle Corporation brands the online technical documentation of E-Business Suite as eTRM  “E-Business Suite Technical Reference Manuals”

In this article i am focusing on Oracle Applications Financials module which falls under Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) category.

ERP Vendors Available in Market

There are multiple players in the field of ERP market. There is battle among SAP, Oracle and Microsoft, these three are leading ERP vendors in the market.

Each vendor has its own set of strengths, weaknesses and trade offs that tend to neutralize the appeal of each of these leading ERP systems.


Each vendor has its own niche and a relatively even market share. Looking at the year ahead, it is likely that each of their positions will look slightly different than they do today.

SAP still continues its dominance of larger enterprises, Microsoft will increase its prominence among small and mid organizations, whereas Oracle has the unique advantage of further to make way through both sides of the implementations (small and large).

I am comparing few of the available vendors, who are market players in the field.

EpicorInforMicrosoft ERPOracle ERPSAP
Long history of reputable products3rd largest global ERP makerOver 83,000 ERP customersOver 37,000 application customersMore than 35,000 customers, 120 countries
Over 20,000 customers, 140 countries, 30 languagesOver 70,000 customersStrong SMB/mid-market solutionClaim #1 CRM market share leaderClaim #1 CRM market share leader
In major growth modeSeveral different ERP systemsVery strong partner channel#2 ERP market share leaderBuilt the client/server ERP market
Reasonable VAR channelVertically focused ERP solutionsOnly sold through VAR channel30 year proven credibilityDefinite #1 ERP market share leader
Several strong industry solutionsLean manufacturing capabilitiesMultiple ERP productsNew SOA architectureVery impressive distribution/SCM
ERP consultant strengthComplex and discrete manufacturingERP road map questionableDeep software functionalitySeveral industry solutions
MS/SQL/SOA technologyProcess manufacturingSolutions often vary by global regionOutrageous flexibilityNetweaver, SQL and a chasm of technologies
Low to moderately pricedStrong distribution and SCMMS/.Net/SQL technologyTechnology is the Oracle stackPriced at the high end
Low to moderately pricedLow to moderately pricedPriced at the high end

Oracle Applications Financials is covered in detail in my next articles.


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