Microsoft Flow – Part 2 – Integration with SharePoint

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In previous part we have seen, what Flow is and why to use it. Let’s take the discussion further one step and see how we can use Flow with SharePoint.

Most used and standard workflow in SharePoint is approval workflow, in which if new item is added to list or library then mail will be sent to manager for approval.

Let’s try to recreate this workflow using Flow and connect it to SharePoint.

Microsoft Flow Integration with SharePoint – Steps by Step

Create List in SharePoint Online
Create sample Employee List in SharePoint Online with column Title rename to FirstName, LastName as single line of text, Address as single line of text, Manager as Person or Group and ManagerApprover as single line of text.

Create Flow
Once list is created you can associate flow to this list. click on option flow at the top menu of list and select option create a flow.

Approval Flow
MS Flow with SharePoint provides many ready to use templates. In this article i am referring approval mail template.

My requirement is, whenever new item is added to the list, email should be sent for approval to manager.

Configure Flow
It will open the starting point of the template which will enable the configuration of approval email. you will notice that you will be redirected to

It will open the default flow action steps for sending approval mail when an item is added to SharePoint List.

Provide SharePoint Site and List details in Flow
when you select option to create flow in SharePoint online, you will be redirected to htttp://, outside the context of SharePoint.

Provide Site URL SharePoint Online site and the List where the items are added. ‘Send approval email’ action should be configured to the receiver’s email id which will be set as a column in the SharePoint List.

Following email is sent to the manager specified in configuration as approver.


Configure EmailScope
In the ‘EmailScope’ action, add a condition to check if the Value is ‘Approve’, if so, send an approved mail to the creator of the list item saying the item is approved as shown below.

Following is the mail which is sent back to employee who created.

Update SharePoint List item with Approved Status
Add another action when the item is approved to update back to the SharePoint List item with an approved status.

Add action “SharePoint update item”, and configure it to update manager approved field value to yes.

once all the configuration is done, click on create flow to complete the process, and click on done to publish flow.

Switch on/off Flows
At items we have a requirement of detaching workflow from your list of stopping workflow actions for certain period, we can conditionally switch on/off flows as well.

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