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Eagles were the symbol of most of the conquerors, including Hitler.

What should be the reason?

Eagles are among the largest and most powerful birds in the world. They are wise and careful to avoid danger. They have been noted as symbols of strength, bravery and courage. They are said to have the keenest sight and can sight their prey while soaring high in the sky.

Following are the principles to learn from an Eagle


1. Eagle fly alone.
Birds flock together, eagle never fly in a flock. Eagle always fly alone and high in the sky. No other bird goes to the height of the eagle.

What to learn?
Stay away from narrow minded people, those that bring you down. keep good company.


2. Eagles have an accurate vision
Eagles can focus up to 5 kilometers from the air. When an eagle sites prey, he narrows his focus on it and sets out to get it.

No matter the obstacle, the eagle will not move his focus from the prey until he grabs it.

What to learn?
Have a vision and remain focused no matter what the obstacle and you will succeed.


3. Eagles do not eat dead things
Eagle feed only on fresh prey. Vultures eat dead animals but eagles do not, It only eats the meat from the prey it kills itself.
What to learn?
Do not stick to outdated and old information, always do research . Be with people who can think, make informed decisions and take actions, these are the people who bring changes to the society, and they are active people.

Do not rely on past accomplishments keep looking for new challenges.


4. Eagles love the storm
Eagle spreads its wings and uses the current storm to fly to greater heights. When other birds fly away from the storm with fear, the eagle takes advantage of the storm to achieve new heights.

What to learn?
Use challenges to rise to greater heights without running away from it. Rather than fearing challenges, use them for achievements.


5. Eagle tests before it trusts
When a female eagle meets a male and they want to mate, she tests male for his strength and commitment, by throwing a twig from heights and letting male chase and grab it before it falls on ground and giving it back to her.

After testing him for hours she gets assurance of his commitment, and only then, she allows him to mate with her.

What to learn?
Whether its your personal life or professional, one should test the commitment of people.


6. Eagles prepare beforehand
Eagles life is full preparation, right from laying eggs, preparing nest,  facing storms, to hunting prey.

What to learn?
Leave your comfort zone, there is no growth there.


7. When eagles grow old, they hurt themselves for new feathers
Eagle can live up to seventy years, but In its forty’s it’s long talons can not grab prey as It’s beak bends down, It becomes difficult to fly with old wings. at this stage eagle has to choose between death and painful process of change.

Eagle fly to a top of the mountain and knocks its beak against a mountain until it plucks it out. When it’s new talons grow back, the Eagle starts plucking out its old-aged feathers.  After five months process of rebirth, it lives for thirty more years.

What to learn?
Constantly strive for change in order to survive. Get rid of old memories, habits and past burdens. Things that add no value to our lives should be let go.


8. Eagle will never surrender to the size or strength of its prey.
It will always give a fight to win its prey or regain its territory, no matter what size or what weapon they maybe holding, it would attack them without thought.

What to learn?
You should strive to protect whatever you love.


9. Eagle take time to re-energize itself
Eagles take time to re-energize themselves in the process of rebirth and come back with new energy

What to learn?
Take break from activities to energizer yourself to come back with new energy.


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