Which Type of Games and Educational Toys are beneficial for Autistic Kids

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Most of the autistic children are visual learners, you can play indoor or outdoor games with your child , so your child can enjoy at home or outside.

Focus of the activities should be to make eye-contact, associate words with objects and improve language, stay focused, and strengthen motor skills,  improve numerical skills and learn how to interact with others, how to take turns, and other social skills needed for them.

Also there are some games and toys available in market to make our job easy.


1.  Photo conversation cards
One of the many issues that autistic children have is their impaired communication patterns. More often they have difficulty connecting or relating with the message of the communication.


Photo Conversational Cards
Photo Conversation Cards

Using the Photo Conversation Cards helps children with Autism to be able to focus on a particular topic.

Each photo card comes with a very unique story that focuses on the development of the child’s communication and social relationship skills.

You can then discuss with your kid certain aspects of a particular social situation and help explore the possible actions or even reactions of the individuals who are involved in that particular social situation.

2. Smart Tablets or Smart Mobiles
As autistic children are generally visual learners, tablets keeps children’s visual attention as they problem solve their way through numbers, letters, phonics, typing, music and more.


3. Sound Puzzles
Auditory responses provide positive reinforcement and motivate Kids to play game. For kids the illustrations on the puzzle provide visual cues and help place success within reach.

Sound Puzzles

Such puzzles are great tool for teaching children with autism and other special needs who learn through visual, auditory, and kinetic or tactile learning.

You generally get many options in the category of such puzzles  to choose type of objects like Train, Vehicles or Animals.

4. Shape Sorting Cube
The Shape Sorting Cube is a classic developmental toy that helps children improve eye-hand coordination, fine motor skills, visual perception, and so much more.

Share Sorting Cube
Shape Sorting Cube

Shape sorter cube encourages tactile awareness, spatial awareness, fine-motor control and motor planning.

5. Sequencing Set
This game makes it easy to help children build logical thinking skills.

Sequencing Set
Story Sequencing Set

Kids gets engaged as they look at the attractive illustrations, and the puzzle piece design ensures that pictures can only be matched with their partners.

This allows children to self-correct as they play and learn independently.

Players can compete or work together to solve each puzzle, this also helps to improve social interaction in children.

6. First words flash cards
Flash Cards offer children a fun way to practice their first words. flashcards are most effective way for motivated learners to study and retain factual knowledge.

Flash Cards
First word flash cards

Reasons Why Flashcards Are So Effective
1. Flashcards engage active recall among children
2. Flashcards utilize your metacognitive faculties
3. Flashcards allow for confidence-based repetition

When it comes to studying or reviewing concepts in the most effective way possible, nothing comes close to flashcards.


7. Play Calculator and cash Register
Generally kids with Autism have difficulty handling and calculating money, letting them play with toy calculator and cash helps them to realize the importance of cash and calculation.Cash Calculator
It also helps in math lesson, a mimic-the-grownups device, and an intro to currency.

8. Buddy Talk
The Buddy Talk card set is a portable social support to help kids engage in conversations.

Such games are full of fun topics to help kids start a conversation and keep it going.

9. See & Spell
This activity lets kids work on their spelling three to four letter words. Such games also help to improve hand-eye coordination, and even their writing by using the letters as stencils.

You can use these kind of puzzles for multiple activities.

Doug See and Spell

a. Learning the alphabet
b. Letter recognition
c. Recognizing letter sounds
d. Associating letters with words & objects
e. Matching words to pictures
f. Visual reinforcement of words
g. Spelling 3 & 4 letter words
h. Cracking the code of the skills needed to learn to read
i. Exploring sounds of advanced vowel combinations
j. Spelling other words they know without the aid of puzzle boards
k. Composing short sentences


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