Learn Advanced Microsoft Azure

Learn Advanced Microsoft Azure

Learn and become master of Microsoft Azure

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Top 5 Cloud Trends to pay attention to

For the vast majority of organisations today, their question is no longer whether they should adopt cloud, but when is the right time for them to do it, and what services should they use.

For those organisations that adopted the cloud earlier, it’s in their best interest to review their portfolio, just to ensure they are getting the most value for their money, as these cloud providers are constantly updating what they have to offer. Below are five cloud trends for you to pay attention to.

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Azure Recovery Services – Part 2 – Site Recovery

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Today businesses are completely dependent on IT, and if any of the systems goes down due to unexpected events, can be natural or artificial, then it creates bit impact on business. Hence most of the companies are investing heavily on Business continuity and Disaster Recovery (BDCR). Going further, corporates want not only data redundancy at application level but also at data centers level.

Microsoft Azure Provides a solution with Azure Site Recovery.

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