Strategies For Creating A Successful Online Classroom

Strategies For Creating A Successful Classroom

Now, most of the students are depending on online classroom which is really useful and easy one. But at the same time, it makes students more responsible for their learning process. In online learning class, they will not be forced to learn or to concentrate if they feel tired or bored they will resume the learning process in online learning.

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Exercising through dance

Exercising through dance

Dance is a form of exercise that can engage most of the body’s muscles. Depending on the intensity of the style of dance, it can be effective in stretching and making use of different muscles. Where dance is consistent over some time, it can help the dancer build stamina and to keep fit.

Exercising through dance
Exercising through dance

Dance involves similar exertion of muscles to outdoors sports such as athletics. Unlike other types of exercise and sports, it does not demand any special equipment. Dance is an easily accessible form of exercise for everyone.

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Life S.A.V.E.R.S. – The Miracle Morning

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Almost all of us regret of not being able to achieve what we had thought of or being sad by thinking that I could have done more in life, not only in terms of acquiring possessions but also living the life to its fullest potential.

Many people play a card of being victim to escape from accepting the fact that they could not achieve what they wanted to, but playing a card of victim is not a solution and it makes the things worst for life.

So what is it that makes the life worth we thought of or we dreamt of?

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Failure is an opportunity to begin again

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No one wants to face failure in life, we all fear failure. But the benefit of being scared to fail in life is that it keeps you from failing.

Despite all your efforts there is no guarantee that you won’t fail in the work you are doing. We have to work within the limits and powers given to us by nature; there are lots of things we cannot control in life, but we can certainly change our perspective.

There is always lot to learn from failures, some termed failure as a step towards success.  There are so many famous people in history who faced brutal failure in life. If so, then what really made them so famous and successful in later days?

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