Azure Web App – Part 3

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In previous parts we discussed about details of azure web app, its features and we also created one web app.

Azure web app provides many useful features beneficial for customers and easy for IT professionals to configure.

Lets see few important features of Azure Web Apps one by one.

Scaling Web Apps

Scaling is a feature which provides customers option to add baseline infrastructure to web apps to provide better performance. i have already written couple of articles describing scaling and Azure Web app scaling options.


you can have a look at these articles for detailed understanding about Azure Scaling and Azure Web app Scaling


Azure Web App High Availability – Application failure

High availability (HA) is the ability of the application to continue running in a healthy state (responsive), without significant downtime.

Generally web app or web sites have fluctuations in availability, load, and temporary failures in dependent services and hardware. In such conditions Azure Web App high availability feature keeps application continue to perform acceptably as defined by business requirements or application service-level agreements (SLAs).

Azure Web app provides option to configure azure traffic manager service and associate with web app. for more details  you can have a look at articles Azure Traffic Manager – Part 1  and Part 2


Azure Web App Disaster Recovery – Data Corruption

Disaster recovery (DR) is the ability to recover from rare and major incidents with wide-scale failures, such as service disruption that affects an entire region. Disaster recovery includes data backup,archiving and restoring a database from backup.

There is relationship between availability features of Azure and disaster recovery. e.g. Unhandled hardware failure becomes a disaster scenario, leveraging availability features and strategies is an important part of disaster proofing application.

Azure Web App also supports configuration of backup to create restorable archive copies of your apps content, configuration and database.

Data corruption also focuses on Azure SQL Database and Azure Storage data used for Azure Web app, by default Azure stores DB and Storage data three times redundantly within different fault domains in the same region, you can also manage custom backup strategy.

You can have a look at article on SQL Azure Geo replication for more insights


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