Azure API Management Service – Part 2

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In first part we saw, what API management is, and, what benefits you get if you use the service. Let’s continue further more in depth and try to create instance of API Management Service.

Create API Management Service

API Management service is available in developer tools section, to create new instance of it navigate to the portal.

Click on + -> Developer tools -> API Management ->

It opens the blade of API Management service for creating new service instance.

Once service is created, you can navigate to All Resources menu to see API Management service instance created for you. If you click on it, it will take you to the properties blade of API Management.

On properties blade, select overview option, you will get options to navigate to publisher portal and developer portal.

Publisher Portal

The publisher portal is the administrative interface which enables to set up APIs.

Operations are added and configured to an API in the publisher portal. To access the publisher portal, click Publisher portal link for your API Management service.

Publisher portal enables you to achieve following activities.

Define, Import and Publish APIs.
Package APIs into unit as a products.
Set up policies for security on the APIs.
Get insights from analytics.
Manage users.
Manage Subscriptions.


Developer Portal

The developer portal enables developers to subscribe and consume APIs which are published using publisher portal.

Developer portal gives following services to developers.

Create an account and subscribe to get API keys
API Documentation
Try out an API via Interactive API Console
App Gallery
Access analytics on their own usage.


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