Azure API Management Service – Part 1

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Application Programming Interface (API) is implementation of set of related requirements that enables one application to talk to another application.

We all have many times encountered scenarios where you need to consume APIs from different systems, while doing development, and each APIs has its own unique way of consumption, and that’s really painful.

Also if you are API provider, you would be happy to publish your APIs at one single platform through which you can analyze, monitor and possibility monetize.

Azure provides solution for this problem with Service called as API Management Service.

What is API Management Service?

Azure API management is a single platform, from where one can consume, publish, analyze and monetize APIs.

Using API Management you can publish existing APIs directly from onpremises, cloud or any external server, and make it available to customers, partners and to developers.

It also provides a developer portal, from where any developer either from client side or internally, one can directly view or execute these APIs. The developer portal contains an interactive console, using which, these activities are performed. This developer portal is fully customizable.

Why to use API Management Service

Azure API Management Service provides multiple benefits to API providers and consumers both. Following are listed few benefits.

Secure and optimize APIs
APIs are secured using a key, token and IP filtering, behavior of APIs can be changed using policies. Latency and scale of APIs gets improved with response caching.

Gain insights into APIs
Near real-time analytics reports can be viewed and trends that might impact business can be identified. Plus, request and response data can be logged for further online and offline analysis.

Developer experience
Azure API Management provides auto-generated API catalogue, documentation and code samples. Also provides OAuth-enabled API console for exploring APIs without writing a line of code, allows Sign in using popular Internet identity providers and Azure Active Directory

Protect and optimize your APIs
Simplify and optimize requests and responses with transformation policies, secure APIs with key, JWT token validation and IP filtering, protect APIs from overload and overuse with quotas and rate limits, provides response caching for improved latency and scale

Manage all APIs in one place
Expose all APIs behind a single static IP and domain, View near real-time usage, performance and health analytics, automate management and integrate using REST API, PowerShell and Git. Provision API Management and scale it on demand in one or more geographical regions


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