Azure Active Directory – Part 2

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In previous article we saw what Azure Active Directory is and Why it should be used. lets take discussion further to understand what all things we can achieve using AAD.

What can we achieve using Azure Active Directory

Following are some of the features provided by Azure Active Directory.

1. Single sign-on to any cloud app
2. Integration with Salesforce, Office 365, Box and other cloud offerings.
3. Multi-Factor Authentication with SaaS
4. Work with multiple platforms and devices
5. Integrate with on-premises Active Directory

IF you want to integrate your  application with Azure AD, there has to be  coordination with the IT professionals managing the Azure Active Directory, and the application developer responsible for developing the application.

How to programmatically work with Azure AD.

Azure provides APIs to read the data stored in Azure AD, these APIs are called as Graph APIs.

API is used to read directory objects or to create, update, and delete objects.

Application can query the directory to find out manager of a particular employee or user. Add or remove user to a particular security group.

Permissions to access the graph API need to be added to the configuration for an application using the management portal by selecting either the Read Directory Data or Read And Write Directory Data permission for the Windows Azure Active Directory application.


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